Happy New Year! <3



Nice that you stop by my side!
My name is Carmen and on the Li-Paro page you will find my work.

Growing up in a town with half-timbered houses near a forest, I have always been fascinated by Grimm's fairy tales, fables and stories that stimulate the mind.

Even before training as a bespoke tailor, I decided to renounce the fashionable trend hunt and prefer to design clothes that touches peoples hearts and shows what they really love. Because clothing is a person's second skin and should be chosen with care. We dress with it, express our individuality and protect ourselves with it.
Fashion elements from the past with their attention to detail, their opulence - but at the same time also the delicacy of lace and fine fabrics have led me to my fashion inspiration.

The qualification as a fashion designer brought me to Hamburg - an open city with many contrasts. New possibilities and perspectives opened up for me there.

Li-Paro was created during my time in the fashion academy.
The name comes from the Tagalog and is an abbreviation of "Libre Paruparo" which means "free butterfly".
This name stands for the joy and courage to dress. Clothing that offers you protection, but also represents you.

Now I would like to reconsider historical elements with my work and implement them in our present day.

It is my wish that you recognize yourself in the works of Li-Paro and feel good. Something you like to wear and want to show of yourself.


With the specialist knowledge as a bespoke tailor and fashion designer, I am always ready to fulfill your ideas and wishes.